Lightbulb KMSMC Sialkot
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Khawaja Muhammad Safdar Medical College (Formerly Sialkot Medical College) is a public sector Medical College in Sialkot, Pakistan. It is established on the initiative of CM Shehbaz Sharif to give quality education in the region of Punjab and especially in Sialkot. It was named after Khawaja Muhammad Safdar, father of current political leader of Pakistan Muslim League (N) in 2017, Khawaja Muhammad Asif. It was established in 2008 with a sanction of PKR 450 million. Affiliated Hospitals include Allama Iqbal Memorial Hospital, Sialkot(400 Beds) and Sardar Begum Memorial Hospital, Sialkot(240) beds. The College is recognised by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC).

Official Website:

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  admission opens at Bangalore
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MS Ramaiah college Bangalore management quota

JJM Medical College admission  

jain university bangalore direct admission   
Admission is a point of contact for students to reach universities and colleges. 

MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore management quota
MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore management quota admission

MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore direct admission
RV College of Engineering Bangalore admission
RV College of Engineering Bangalore management quota
MS Ramaiah college Bangalore direct admission

MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore admission
A J Institute of Medical Science admission

JSS Medical College Admission

It empowers students by giving them up to date information on latest job trends, top colleges and supports them in admission procedure providing them guidance in all necessary aspects from career counseling; towards enrollment, educational finance, RV College of Engineering Bangalore

RV College of Engineering Bangalore management quota admission

pes university bangalore admission

MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore admission

MS Ramaiah college Bangalore

MS Ramaiah college Bangalore admission

MS Ramaiah college Bangalore management quota admission

jain university bangalore

jain university bangalore admission

jain university bangalore management quota
jain university bangalore management quota admission
ms ramaiah institute of management Bangalore ms ramaiah institute of management Bangalore admission
ms ramaiah institute of management Bangalore direct admission
ms ramaiah institute of management Bangalore management quota
ms ramaiah institute of management Bangalore management quota admission

Al Ameen Medical College Admission
Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences admission
MVJ Medical College admission
Sri Siddhartha Medical College admission
RV College of Engineering Bangalore direct admission
Mount Carmel College Bangalore
pes university bangalore
Mount Carmel College Bangalore admission
Mount Carmel College Bangalore direct admission
pes university bangalore direct admission
Mount Carmel College Bangalore management quota
pes university bangalore management quota

Mount Carmel College Bangalore management quota admission
pes university bangalore management quota admission assessment, accommodation for the period of education etc.

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  Primary & Secondary Health Care
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Jobs Regarding Primary & Health Care

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Lightbulb PMDC Forms
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[Image: logo.gif]

PM&DC Form-III-A (For persons who are appearing in Step-I Basic Subjects Theory Exam)
PM&DC Form-III-B (For persons who are appearing in Step-II Clinical Subjects Theory Exam)
PM&DC Form-III-C (For persons who are appearing in Step-III OSCE/VIVA Exam)
PM&DC Form-IX for Temporary Registration (For Less than One Year)
PM&DC Form-II (Retention of Name of Register)
PM&DC Form-1(Medical) (Provisional Registration on the register of Medical practitioner (Part-B)
PM&DC Form-III Application For Issuance Of Permission To Appear In The National Examination Board
PM&DC Form-1A (Medical) (Full Registration on the register of Medical Practitioner after House Job)
PM&DC Form-1 (Dental) (Provisional Registration on the register of Dental Practitioner (Part-B)
PM&DC Form-1A (Dental) (Full Registration on the Register of Dental Practitioner after House Job)
PM&DC Form-V (For Good Standing Certificate)
PM&DC Form-VI (Application for Recognition of overseas postgraduate medical/dental qualification
PM&DC Form-VII (For First time registration of registerable local postgraduate Medical/Dental qualif
PM&DC Form-VIII (for Duplicate Registration Certificate)
Application for Foreign Medical / Dental graduates to appear in NEB Examination
PMDC FORM VI-A(PG) (National Examination Board for Foreign Medical/Dental Graduates)
Application Form for Issuance of NOC for Study Abroad (UG)
Application for admission into third year MBBS/BDS for NEB exam
PM&DC Form-IV (Recognition of Experience)
Application Proforma for Recognition of Medical/Dental Journal by PM&DC (Form-J)
Release of Liability for Foreign Experience
Release of Liability Foreign Qualification
Registration for Undergraduate Students
Request for NOC for Migration of undergraduate student
Faculty Registration/Renewal Form
Performa for obtaining info about postgraduate qualification
Registration for Postgraduate Student
Death Verification Form

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Exclamation Complications Of Mumps
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Complications of mumps
Complications are more frequent in adults than children, the most common are:

Orchitis - testicles swell and become painful, this happens to 1 in 5 adult males with mumps. The swelling normally goes down within 1 week; tenderness can last longer than that. This rarely results in infertility.
Oophoritis - ovaries swell and are painful; it occurs in 1 in 20 adult females. The swelling will subside as the immune system fights off the virus. This rarely results in infertility.
Viral meningitis - this is one of the rarest of the common complications. It happens when the virus spreads through the bloodstream and infects the body's central nervous system (brain and spinal cord).
Inflamed pancreas (pancreatitis) - pain will be experienced in the upper abdomen; this occurs in 1 out of 20 cases and is usually mild.
If a pregnant woman contracts mumps in the first 12-16 weeks of her pregnancy, she will have a slightly increased risk of miscarriage.

Rarer complications of mumps include:

Encephalitis - the brain swells causing neurological issues. In some cases, this can be fatal. This is a very rare risk factor and affects just 1 in 6,000 cases.
Hearing loss - this is the rarest of all the complications affecting just 1 in 15,000.
As rare as some of these complications are, it is important to seek medical advice or help if an individual suspects they or their child, may be developing them.

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Star Treatment for Mumps
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Treatment for mumps

drinking plenty of fluids
Drinking plenty of fluids may help to relieve the symptoms of mumps.
Because mumps is viral, antibiotics cannot be used to treat it, and at present, there are no anti-viral medications that can treat mumps.

Current treatment can only help relieve the symptoms until the infection has run its course and the body has built up an immunity, much like a cold. In most cases, people recover from mumps within 2 weeks.

Some steps can be taken to help relieve the symptoms of mumps:

Consume plenty of fluids, ideally water - avoid fruit juices as they stimulate the production of saliva, which can be painful.
Place something cold on the swollen area to alleviate the pain.
Eat mushy or liquid food as chewing might be painful.
Get sufficient rest and sleep.
Gargle warm salt water.
Take painkillers. Many painkillers are available to purchase over-the-counter or online, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.


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  HbA1C Control
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Dear Doctor
How we can control Hba1c Level?
Please guide me.

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Information King Edward Medical University
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Following Programs are currently offered at “Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry” of the University of the Punjab and so far Principal kemunew in the past / Vice Chancellor kemunew at present is acting as the Dean of Faculty and Chairman of Board of Studies in Medicine & Dentistry. Candidates are enrolled in different programs and are at various stages of Education. All programs will be offered at King Edward Medical University, Lahore and candidates from University of the Punjab will be transferred to the kemunew.

I). Graduate Programs.


2. B.Sc Nursing

3. B.Sc. Medical Technology

i). B.Sc (Orthotic & Prosthetics)
ii). B.Sc (Speech Therapy)
iii). B.Sc (Vision Science Technologists)
iv). B.Sc (Cardiovascular Perfusion Technologist)
v). B.Sc (Laboratory Technologist)
vi). B.Sc (Radiology Technologist)
vii) B.Sc. (Radiotherapy Technologist)
viii. B.Sc (Occupation Therapist)
ix). B.Sc (Nuclear Medicine Technologist)
x). B.Sc (Anesthesia Technologist)
xi. B.Sc (Operation Theater Technologist)
xii). B.Sc (kidney Dialysis Technician)
xiii). B.Sc (Dental Technologist)
xiv). B.Sc (Medical Physics Technologist)
xv). B.Sc (Physiotherapy)
xvi). B.Sc (Medical Information Technologist)
xviii). B.Sc (Diabetes Technologist)
xix). B.Sc (Food & Nutrition Technologist)
xx) B.Sc (Pulmonology Technologist)

II. Postgraduate Diploma Programs (Minor Qualification Minimum Duration One Year)

i). Dermatology DIP. Derm (kemunew)
ii) Neurology D.N. (kemunew)
iii) Urology D.U (kemunew)
iv) T.B. Chest Disease D.T.C.D (kemunew)
v) Psychiatry D. Psych (kemunew)
vi) Preventive Pediatrics D.P.P. (kemunew)
vii) Pediatric Surgery D.P.S. (kemunew)
viii) Orthopaedics D. Orth (kemunew)
ix) E.N.T D.L.O (kemunew)
x) Eye D.O (kemunew)
xi) Pathology D.P.C (kemunew)
xii) Cardiology D.I.P Card (kemunew)
xiii) Radiology D.R. (kemunew)
xiv) Obstetrics and Gynaecology D.G.O. (kemunew)
xv) Oncology and Radiotherapy D.O.R (kemunew)
xvi) Maxillofacial Surgery D.M.F.S (kemunew)
xvii) Forensic Medicine D.L.O. (kemunew)
xviii) Community Medicine D.M. (kemunew)
xix) Anaestehisa D.A. (kemunew)

III. Postgraduate Master Programmes (Medium Qualification Minimum Duration Two Years)

i). M.Sc. in all Clinical Subjects of Diploma Programs mentioned at Para –II
ii). M.Phil in Basic Medical / Dental, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences.
IV) MD / MS /MDS (Major Qualification- Minimum Duration Four Years
i) MD. (Medicine and allied Subject)

i) MD (Internal Medicine)
ii) MD (Psychiatry)
iii) MD (Neurology )
iv) MD (Paediatrics)
v) MD (Clinical Physiology and Biochemistry)
vi) MD (Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics)
vii) MD (Dermatology)
viii) MD (Advanced Pathology and Bacteriology)
ix) MD (Hematology)
x) MD (Pulmonology including Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases)
xi) MD (Gasteronterology)
xii) MD (Endocrinology)
xiii) MD (Cardiology)
xvi) MD (Radiology)
xv) MD (Oncology /Radiology)
xvi) MD (Nephrology)
xvii) MD (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
xviii) MD (Hospital Administration)
xix) MD (Preventive Paediatrics)
xx) MD (Preventive Medicine)

ii) M.S. (Surgery and Allied Subjects)
i) MS (General Surgery)
ii) MS (Orthopaedic Surgery)
iii) MS (obstetric & Gynaecology)
iv) MS (Ophthalmology)
v) MS (Ear, Nose, Throat(E.N.T)
vi) MS (higher Anatomy)
vii) MS (Neurosurgery)
viii) MS (Thorasic Surgery)
ix) MS (Cardiac Surgery)
x) MS (Urology)
xi) MS (Anaesthesia)
xii) MS (Plastic Surgery)
xiii) MS (Cardiology)
xvi) MS (Radiology)
xv) MS (Oncology /Radiology)
xvi) MS (Nephrology)
xvii) MS (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation)
xviii) MS (Hospital Administration)
xix) MS (Preventive Paediatric)
xx) MS (Preventive Medicine)

iii). M.D.S (Dental Science)
i) MDS (oral andmaxillofacial Surgery)
ii) MDS (Prosthodontics)
iii) MDS (Orthodonitis)
iv) MDS (Operative Surgery in Crown and bridge)
v) MDS (Oral Medicine and periondotology)


i) M.Phil ( Basic Sciences)
i) M.Phil (Anatomy)
ii) M.Phil (morbid Anatomy and Histopathology)
iii) M.Phil (Microbiology)
iv) M.Phil (Physiology)
v) M.Phil (Biochemistry)
vi) M.Phil (Forensic Medicine and Toxicology )
vii) M.Phil (Pharmacology)
viii) M.Phil (Medical Virology)
ix) M.Phil (Immunology and Serology)
x) M.Phil (Chemical Pathology
xi) M.Phil (Community Medicine)

ii) Dental Sciences
i) M.Phil (Science of Dental Material)
ii) M.Phil (Oral Anatomy, Physiology and histology)
iii) M.Phil (Oral Pathology)
iii) M.Phil (Community Medicine)


For candidates who have already achieved one major qualification i.e. MD/DS/MDS/M.Phil/FCPS and equivalent foreign qualifications.

i). Basic Sciences
i) Anatomy
ii) Morbid Anatomy and histopathology
iii) Microbiology
iv) Physiology
v). Biochemistry
vi). Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
vii) Pharmacology
viii) Medical Virology
ix) Immunology
x) Pathology (Hematology)
xi) Pathology (Chemical Pathology)
xii) Community Medicine

ii). Clinical Medical Science
i) Psychiatry
ii) Internal Medicine
iii) Neurology
iv) Tropical Disease and Helminthology
v). Pediatrics (Disease of Children)
vi). Advanced Physiology and Biochemistry
vii) Advanced Pharmacology and Therapeutics
viii) Hematology
ix) Tuberculosis and Chest Disease
x) Hematology
xi) Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases
xii) Pulmonology
Xiii Gastroenterology
Xiv Endocrinology
Xv Cardiology
Xvi Radiology
Xvii Oncology
Xviii Radiotherapy
Xix Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

iii). General Surgery
i) General Surgery
ii) Orthopedics (orthopedics,Trauma and Rehabilitation Surgery)
iii) Obstetric and Gynecology
iv) Ophthalmology
v). Ear, nose and Throat (ENT)
vi). Higher Anatomy
vii) Neurosurgery
viii) Thoracic Surgery
ix) Cardiac Surgery
x) Urology
xi) Anesthesia
xii) Pediatric Surgery

iv). Dental Science
Basic Dental Sciences
i) Science Dental material
ii) Oral Anatomy, physiology and Histology
iii) Oral Pathology
iv) Community Dentistry

Clinical Dental Sciences

i) Oral and Maxilofacial Surgery
ii) Prosthodontics
iii) Orthondontics
iv) Operative Dentistry including Crown and bridge
v). Oral Medicine and Periondotology

Allied Health Sciences

i) Nursing
ii) Hospital Administration
iii) Hospital Management Science
iv) Epidemiology
v). Physiotherapy and occupational Therapy
Vi) Medical and Orthopedic Technologies.


Education, Research and Health Care Services at King Edward Medical University and attached hospitals, involve around the patients problems. The patients illness and spiritual needs get the attention of our teachers, managing physicians and surgeons, trainee doctors, nurses, technologists, technicians, paramedics and supporting staff.


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  Himont Group
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Himont was started in 1995 by a group of Professionals who had a vision of a Pakistani company with high standards and the best quality possible. Within a short span of time Himont Pharmaceuticals established its self as the market leader in iron protein sucinilate, and a few other formulas. The quality of Himont was noted and other local companies began to test their products against Himont Quality.
We,at Himont believe that this company is born to lead the industry with innovation and creativeness.
Himont became the only national company that had the capability to manufacture bulk chemicals and finished pharmaceuticals as well as conducting self-distribution. The company has also had a successful Herbal portfolio since 2005 and has recently entered the field of FMCG. We take pride in what we do and ensure whatever we do is of the best quality possible.
Our primary focus is the welfare of the employees, since they are the ones who make everything possible. Himont is continuously upgrading its’ Human resource department and reinvesting in its people. The dynamics of the Pakistan Pharmaceutical sector are rapidly changing with companies improving standards of operation. This requires top quality human resource to understand the new challenges and to change with the times.
The quality of an organization is a state of mind in each and every employee along with the systems the company follows. Quality is a continuous process that has to be upgraded to the demands of the customer, environment and social responsibility. Since the inception of the company, the board of directors has strived to maintain the highest possible standards in each of the existing departments. Himont quality assurance tests each batch of raw material against the international standards and also checks the integrity of packaging materials on a daily basis.
Our product line includes Tablets (Coated, chewable, dispersible and effervescent) , Capsules, Syrups, Suspensions, Injectable (liquid and powder), Ophthalmology, Toothpaste, Mouthwash, Bio Adhesive Gel, Ointments and bio technology products.

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  OTC laxatives
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Only use these laxatives as a last resort:

Stimulants: These make the muscles in the intestines contract rhythmically. These include Correctol, Dulcolax, and Senokot.
Lubricants: These help the stool move down the colon more easily. These include mineral oil and Fleet.
Stool softeners: These moisten the stool. Stool softeners include Colace and Surfak.
Fiber supplements: These are perhaps the safest laxatives. They are also called bulk laxatives. They include FiberCon, Metamucil, Konsyl, Serutan, and Citrucel and should be taken with plenty of water. If you want to buy bulk laxatives, then there is an excellent selection online with thousands of customer reviews.
Osmotics: These facilitate the movement of fluids through the colon. These include Cephulac, Sorbitol, and Miralax.
Saline laxatives: These draw water into the colon and include milk of magnesia.
Chloride channel activators: These require a prescription and include lubiprostone (Amitiza).
5-HT-4 agonists: They increase the secretion of fluid in the intestines and speed up the rate at which food passes through the colon. They include Prucalopride.

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