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Is Dengue Fever Fear Justified?

Dengue fever in its initial phases may be very tricky to diagnose. Clinically it may mimic several of the common infectious disorders so a general empirical approach is usually to be followed. The lab diagnosis is also not very helpful in initial cases though there may be fall in WBCs and platelet counts. ALT may rise and specific immunologic markers of dengue usually become positive after the first week. Warning for Future! Nowadays the dengue mostly follows a benign course. We ought to be more concerned about our future. It is likely that any one who gets one of the 4 dengue subtypes now, if he next encounters any of the other subtypes of dengue subsequently, may end up with dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome which have high morbidity and mortality associated. So what to do? 1. identify and eliminate aedes egyptii mosquito. 2. activate a community participation drive to eradicate the mosquito from the locality. 3. Put pressure on govt at all level to seriously eradicate the mosquito and just do not only resort to media gimmicks. For the time being the danger is going dormant due to the commencing winter and resultant hibernation of mosquitoes but remember folks it is going to come back soon. May be around march 2012 in a much lethal form.

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